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Gigya Integration

To integrate your existing Gigya login system into Viafoura's, you simply need to have to follow these two steps in the Viafoura Admin (

  1. Under Settings > Authentication Providers > Gigya, you will need to enter your Gigya secret key and API key.
  2. Under Settings > General, ensure the box "Disable login, logout and account handling via widgets" is checked.

That will disable the functionality of Viafoura's dialogs appearing when a user clicks "Login" or "Signup" from our social plugins. The links will still be there, and they will fire off events when necessary. The "events" section automatically binds your functions to those listeners. You do need to listen for them, because if a user hits "upload" without being logged in, for example, it triggers that modal to open.

Please go here to learn more about listening to login events.

Updated about a year ago

Gigya Integration

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