This API will return progress of a previous POST request to /v4/tir/gdpr/export/{site_group_uuid}/{thirdparty_id}/{thirdparty_provider} endpoint. The response will be in the form of progress status or a final result containing links to the exported data. A final result, which indicates that all processing is done, consists of 'success' or 'failure' from each of the four viafoura subsystems that contribute to the exported data. Once all processing is done, the actual data can be exported by a GET request to "/v4/tir/gdpr/download/{request_uuid}/{token}". This GET status call will include download urls that can be used to retrieve the actual data. These download URLs are intended to be supplied to the users that rquested the data export in the first place. See the download API call for more details. NOTE that data from this API cannot directly be used to retrieve the exported data; another download request is required for this.

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