This API will return data from a single repository. All repositories are listed in a previous export GET status request to either /v4/tir/gdpr/export/{site_group_uuid}/{thirdparty_id}/{thirdparty_provider} or /v4/tir/gdpr/export/{site_group_uuid}/{user_uuid}. Data returned by these API calls contain a download url for each repository in Viafoura that contains user data. This also means that the "download" url can not me constructed manually, but is only available by invoking one of the just mentioned APIs.
This download url can be invoked by any user and the url can be copied to browser for execution. The response will be in the form of a data-download url that can be used to download the actual exported data from Viafoura. This returned data-download url has a limited life-time. For that reason the data-download url should be used to retrieve data as soon as this API returns the data-download url.

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