Viafoura Performance Optimization Guide

At Viafoura, we are committed to delivering high-performance solutions. Our engineering team has invested considerable effort in optimizing our systems to ensure they are fast and responsive.

Performance at Viafoura

We are constantly striving to make our products better, and performance is one area where we are putting a lot of attention these days. This particular guide is a working document, and as we continue to find ways to make our products better, we will add them here.

Our roadmap for performance currently includes 3 main buckets:

  1. Minimizing page load impact by making our entry point much, much smaller

    Our current bundle is larger than we'd like it to be, so we're going to make it smaller for you, ensuring that your app is not blocked by our scripts at page load time.

  2. Optimize chunks that are loaded per product

    A lot of our code is bundled together in one big payload, so we're going to break it apart into smaller bundles, ensuring that your users only download exactly what they need.

  3. Integrate performance testing into our pipelines

    If changes being introduced affect our performance too much, then we won't release them!