Resource management made simple

Resource management is a challenge for many moderation teams as it is often unclear which articles, sections, or sites are busy in real-time. To address the issue Viafoura created customizable workspaces, designed to capture all posts that moderators need to attend to during their shift.

A workspace tile provides the high-level information needed to make resource allocation decisions.

1 - Name of the workspace
2 - Total number of items in the queues within the workspace
3 - Number of people actively moderating the queues (hover over the number to see a list of names)
4 - Last time the workspace was accessed
5 - Indicates if the workspace is shared and shows the owner on click

Workspaces are customizable, so reach out to Viafoura to see how you can create workspaces that best meet your needs.

What’s Next

Setup queues to begin moderating posts.