Custom Topic and Author Follows

Clearly identify what users can Follow on your site to drive reengagement.

Viafoura's Custom Follow allows you to easily call out what users can follow and receive updates on for a personalized experience.

When new content is released, users are notified in their [notification tray] ( or via browser based push notifications.

Users can easily manage what they are following within the notification tray in the Community tab or using a custom preference center. The customization and flexibility of the tool allow for these, and many other use cases, such as to follow:

  • Their favourite authors
  • Topics of interest ('news', 'local politics', 'favourite team', 'elections', 'celebrity name' etc.)
  • Serialized content (podcasts, etc.)



We recommend having a publishing topics strategy before starting implementation to ensure users do not over receive notifications.

Implementing Your Custom Topics

Implementation of the custom follow tool starts with implementing the following code snippet on your site where you want the Follow button to appear:

<div class="viafoura">


You can customize how the Custom Follow tool displays and renders within your page using the following parameters:

topic-idDefines the unique identifier for the topic. This id identifies the topic to Viafoura and yourself but is only visible in your code, not to the end-user.
Type: String (avoid using special characters).
Required: Yes.
topic-nameDefines the name of the topic that you want your user to be able to subscribe to. For example, you can use the value "Viafoura News" or the name of an author. This will be visible to the user in the community tab of the Tray once the topic has been followed.
Type: String.
Required: Yes.
topic-typeDefines the type of the topic. For example, you can use the value "Author" if the user can follow an author/writer. This can be any custom string you wish. This will be visible to the user.
Type: String (avoid using special characters).
Optional: Yes.
Default value: topic.
show-countDefines the number of followers the topic has if you choose to show it.
Type: Boolean (true or false).
Optional: Yes.
Default value: false.
minimum-countDefines the minimum number of followers to show in the label, if you choose to show it.
Type: Integer.
Optional: Yes.
Default value: 0.

Follow Button

The default Follow button is customizable with CSS.

The appearance of the default Follow button:

219 219

The appearance of the default Follow button with a count of its followers:

349 351

Notifying Users of New Content by Topic

When you publish a new page including one of your specified topics, you'll want to notify your users of the new content.

Using the Viafoura Broadcast Notifications API, you can notify topic subscribers of new content and include your own title, description, image and URL. We do not provide a GUI to send broadcast messages at this time.

You can add a script to your CMS to trigger the notifications automatically upon publishing new content containing your topic.

Please visit this page for more information on your next steps in implementing notifications: