Viafoura offers a list of custom tags that allow moderators to further classify the reason why a post should be disabled. Classification of the posts has multiple benefits:

  • If Automated Moderation is enabled, it will improve the accuracy of the automated moderation solution over time
  • It will improve the reporting quality, enabling you to monitor civility trends over time
  • It requires the moderator to confirm that the post is actually in violation of community guidelines.

There are 4 main Tags:

1 - Certain tags: red tags indicating that the automated moderation system is confident in the accuracy of the tag.
2 - Moderator tags: tags added to the post by moderators.
3 - Suggested tags: tags suggested by the automated moderation system. The orange indicates that the automated moderation system is not certain about the accuracy of the suggestion.
4 - Report (Flag) tags: tags resulted from community members reporting a post.

On hover report (flag) tags show you the list of users who flagged a post (1). You can also see the total number of reports they have made (2) and the percentage of those reports that resulted in the content getting disabled a.k.a report (flag) agreement rate.(3)

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