Share Count

Easily display the total amount of social shares of your content or page as one aggregate number in real time. This requires that you first set up the Social Share Bar with your desired parameters.

This is an example of the code snippet to use. Please note that if you are using data-path on your share bar widget, you will need to also specify the data-path in the parameters of the share count widget. If you are instead using data-url, then the same would go for that parameter needing to be in both the share bar widget and the share count widget.

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Installation Parameters: Sharetotal

SettingDescriptionAccepted ValuesDefaultNotes
data-pathThe path to the page to fetch the number of shares fromAny stringThe path to the current pagee.g. /path/to/article.html
data-urlThe fully-qualified url to the page to fetch the number of shares fromA fully-qualified urle.g.
data-realtimeSpecify whether to use real-time or nottrue or falsetrueIf this option is set to false, then the widget will only fetch the initial value and will not update the counter in real-time.