API Access

Viafoura provides API's that allow you to perform actions against your widgets and even build your own widgets with Viafoura functionality. View complete list of API's.

To call our API Endpoints you will need to:

  1. Obtain API credentials
    A client ID and secret pair with the appropriate permission levels will be provided to you by your client success representative. Please contact our support team

  2. Create a JSON Web token (JWT)
    Use the Client ID and Secret to call the authorization endpoint to generate a JWT to use as authorization for Viafoura API calls. For this endpoint, the authentication header when passing your credentials should be BASIC.


Each JWT is valid only for 5 minutes.

  1. To call any other Viafoura API endpoints, set the authentication header to BEARER and use the generated JWT as the value.

Only for certain calls like (Custom Badges and Broadcast Notifications) do you need to use the API credentials to generate a bearer token for auth as described above. For most of the API calls you just need to login as a user, and pass the VFAccess, VfRefresh and VfSess cookies in the header. You can see how to do this using our Postman project and configuring it for your dev domain, it is available HERE