Banning Users

The Admin Console allows you to apply different types of bans on the user. These bans are:

  • Full ban: prevents the user from the ability to log in to post content.
  • Post ban: allows the user to log in and engage with content in all ways except the ability to post new content to the site. In order to apply a post ban, you will need to turn off the toggle on the "Fingerprint" option, located just below the "Ban Type" menu.
  • Full ban and hide posts: In addition to fully banning the user, this ban type hides all the posts they have previously published on the site.
  • Hide posts only (ghost): Allows the user to engage as usual, but no one else will be able to see their content.


Displaying the ban message to end user

When issuing a ban, moderators have the option in the moderation console to include a custom message that can be shown to the users when they try to log in but are not allowed because of the ban.

Please note that in order to display this message to end user, additional code customizations are required. Review the documentation on how to display the ban message to end users.

Viewing Banned Users

You can view all the users that have been banned in Viafoura Admin under the Users page, then select "BANNED" from the menu on the left.

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