Consent Features

The following documents the Viafoura IAB vendor information, purposes and features, as well as consent flow using Viafoura TCF CMP integration.

IAB Vendor Information

Viafoura participates in the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework and complies with its specifications and policies.

Viafoura’s identification number within the framework is 1138.

If you are using one of our ad partners for ad integrations, you may need to set them up as a vendor in your CMP as well as Viafoura. This will be specific to the ad partner selected and we would provide the required information separately.

Viafoura Consent Purposes and Features

Viafoura requires following consents and features (based on Purposes list provided by IAB).


  • Purpose 1 - Store and/or access information on a device
  • Purpose 5 - Create profiles to personalise content
  • Purpose 6 - Use profiles to select personalised content
  • Purpose 8 - Measure content performance
  • Purpose 9 - Understand audiences through statistics or combinations of data from different sources
  • Purpose 10 - Develop and improve services
  • Purpose 11 - Use limited data to select content

Special Purposes:

  • Special Purpose 1 - Ensure security, prevent and detect fraud, and fix errors
  • Special Purpose 2 - Deliver and present advertising and content

As well as following features:

  • Feature 1 - Match and combine data from other data sources
  • Feature 2 - Link different devices

If you are interested in using Viafoura data to serve custom/targeted advertising you would also need to include the following purposes:

  • Purpose 2 - Use limited data to select advertising
  • Purpose 3 - Create profiles for personalised advertising
  • Purpose 4 - Use profiles to select personalised advertising
  • Purpose 7 - Measure advertising performance

At our complete product offering our consent stack will be:

  • Stack 42 - Personalized advertising and content, advertising and content measurement, audience research and services development

Consent Flow

The diagram below shows the end-to-end consent flow using Viafoura TCF CMP integration. This diagram assumes the consent flow is initiated by the end user by giving/withdrawing explicit consent via the consent window supplied by Consent Management Platform.



If the user does not provide consent then no analytics will be captured for the user. Which means all existing reports will be affected. Any code that requires information for logged in users in order to make sure that product functionality remains intact will continue to run under Legitimate Interest clause. Viafoura considers anything outside of analytics to fall under Legitimate Interest.

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