Configurable, dispatched and optimized.

Queues are where moderators spend most of their time in. They are designed to increase moderation velocity and accuracy. Here are some of the main features of queues:

  • Queues are dispatched: dispatching allows multiple moderators to work on the same queue. If a moderator is inactive for more than 4 minutes, the posts are re-dispatched to another available moderator.

  • 20 items at a time: each queue shows 20 items sorted by the time the last action on the post was taken, oldest first. This ensures oldest posts are moderated first.

  • Posts disappear once processed: queues are similar to to-do lists. Once a decision is made on a post, the post is removed from view.

  • Live update: the number of posts that match a queue filter is displayed alongside the queue. This number is updated every 30 seconds to give real time updates of the status of the remaining items.

  • Quick submit capability: to increase moderation velocity, this feature allows moderators to submit the position of the queue they have processed quickly.


1 - Unprocessed: number of posts with suggested (yellow) tags
2 - Enabled: number of posts with no tags and status other than enabled
3 - Disabled: number of posts with red tags and status other than disabled
4- Reviewed: posts with no tags and status of enabled + posts with red tags and status of disabled