Filters are used to search posts

Filters are used to search through the posts made by users. The console allows you to apply a variety of filters to posts in order to create saved searches or queues. Here is a list of supported filters:





Disabled by flag

This filter allows you to search for posts by action type, regardless of their current status. For instance, if you search for posts with an Approved action, you will see all the comments that at some point have been approved.

This can be used to search for comments that have never been reviewed, or have been approved but are disabled.

Article URL

Article URL

Allows you to see posts that are made on any specific page.

This can be used to hotlist certain pages and have all comments reviewed by a moderator.

Asset type


Allows you to search for all image or text posts made by users.

Automod outcome

Automod down

Allows you to filter comments by the decision the automated moderation system has made on the post.
This can be used to search for all posts that have been Approved, but are disabled which helps you adjust the automod to be more accurate.

Content ID

Content ID

The specific id of the post. Example "00000000-0000-4000-8000-01ce54f1bc58"

Content Source

Live Story comment

Allows you to search for posts made to specific Viafoura products. These are "Live Comments", "Live Chat", and "Live Stories"

Comment Status

Awaiting moderation
Community disabled

Allows you to search for posts based on their current status.

Community disabled posts are the posts that have been disabled after receiving more flags than the configured threshold.

Comment text

Comment text

Allows you to search the posts for specific text.

Can be used to monitor for specific brand, person's name, product name, etc.

Moderator ID

Moderator ID

Can be used to search for all posts moderated by a specific moderator.

In combination with the current status, you can search for all comments enabled or disabled by a moderator for training purposes.



Allows you to search for posts with specific tags that are either assigned to the post by the automated moderation solution or added manually by moderators.

Tag Type

Proposed automod
Flagged by user

There are two main tag types, ones that are added to the post by automod, and ones that are added to the post by moderators. This filter allows you to search through posts by the tag type.

In combination with Comment status filter you are able to see the comments that are enabled, but flagged by users.

User ID

User ID

Allows you to search for comments made by certain users.

You can use this to setup searches for your most insightful users to feature their comments when applicable.

Date range

Date created
Last action

Allows you to filter the posts based on the creation time or the time the last action was taken on the post.

A combination of the above filters allows you to create a vast variety of saved searches or queues. If you need a specific filter that is not mentioned above, please contact your customer success representative.

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