This section provides instruction on steps to perform for enabling Viafoura Out of Box Authentication.

Go to and click edit on desired site
Go to Site Settings and enable "Allow email and social Logins" toggle
*Click Save

Viafoura is entirely Integration Agnostic. Through natively-integrated cloud solutions, Viafoura helps media companies establish and deepen a direct relationship with their audience. Our solutions work seamlessly with existing tools, while powering new and innovative capabilities directly on our clients’ own websites and applications.

Identity Management is an extremely important aspect of ensuring successful audience growth. By capturing your users' interactions and tying them to a single identity, you gain important insights into what resonates with and motivates the user to continue to consume content.

Viafoura integrates with many social network login providers (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc), any OpenID Connect-compatible authentication provider system as well as Login Radius. If you do not have an Identity Management system, Viafoura has a strategic partnership with LoginRadius, a Single Sign-On (SSO) provider that will be able to cater to your Identity Management needs. The following documents will further delve into exactly how to integrate with these Identity Management systems:

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