Avatar Colours

Registered Viafoura users with no custom avatars receive a default avatar that is generated based on the user's information. The avatar will consist of the user's initials with a background gradient made up of two colors. Those two colors are selected based on the user's ID and date created.



There are 16 possible colors that the avatars choose from, numbered from 0 to 15.


The default avatar color palette can also be customized using css variables. Specific colors can be overridden like so:

.viafoura .vf-default-avatar {
    --default-avatar-color-0: black;

If you wish to override the gradient for a custom color, please be aware that the code still uses a combination of two color variables.

Should you wish to have a single color for your default avatar background, you can choose to override all 16 of the variables to the color of your choosing.