Learn how to add the Viafoura conversation and newsfeed SDK to your iOS app.

The Viafoura iOS SDK enables you to add a Conversations tool into an iOS app. This includes the notification bell, the news feed and user profiles.

For instructions on how to integrate our other engagement tools into your apps, please see our WebView integration documentation.


  • iOS 10.3 or later
  • XCode
  • Viafoura site UUID
  • Viafoura site domain provisioned

Sample application

You can download our working sample application from our Github Repository.

Implementation Steps

  1. Add the Viafoura iOS SDK into your app
  2. Add a conversation to your app
  3. Authenticate your users
  4. Integrate ads
  5. Listen to user actions
  6. Use custom colors and fonts
  7. Customize UI
  8. Debugging