New User Queue (NUQ)

The New User Probation feature sends all new users comments to Awaiting Moderation status based on the number of hours from their profile creation.


Please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager or [email protected] to enable this feature

Heres How it Works

  1. The default probation period is 24 hours.However, you can choose anywhere from 1 hour to 168 hours (1 week).
  2. Upon activation of NUQ, any new user who registers a profile on your site with Viafoura will be placed in the “probation period”, which means that all content they post will immediately be tagged for Review for a human moderator to check.
  3. You can then have a new “Awaiting Moderation” queue set up that includes only these new users’ comments, allowing your moderators to take a closer look at the new users on the site to determine whether they are legitimate commenters or if they are problematic users who are making repeat accounts.

Heres How to Set-Up

  1. In the console create an additional "Awaiting Moderation" Queue and add the filter Tag: New User from the drop down menu . All filters should be pre-populated except Tag: New User
  1. Rename this queue "New User Queue" to help you differentiate
  1. In your original "Awaiting Moderation" queue please exclude Tag: New User as shown in the screenshot below. This will ensure you're reviewing the new users exclusively in the New User Queue