Viafoura Analytics Dashboard

Viafoura's analytics dashboard provides you with visual insights and high level historical reporting on audience engagement activity, for each of your sites. Make full use of the analytics to understand where your audience is most active and how to keep them engaged. To see a demo of the analytics dashboard contact us.

For comments/conversations products:

  • Total Number of Comments: shows your monthly totals (both on comments and liveblog widgets).
  • Top Sites: shows how your individual sites contribute to the total amounts.
  • Reply to Comment Ratio: shows the health-status of your audience's conversations - how often do original comments result in a reply from someone else (thus increasing engagement and return-visits).

If you are tracking more traditional KPIs, the dashboard surfaces those metrics as well:

  • Monthly New Registrations: shows how the widget drives new user/commenter registrations.
  • User Sign-ups and First Comment Analysis: shows how long it takes on average for your occasional commenters to sign up after their initial comment (another valuable healthcheck).
  • Pageviews generated by Viafoura CTA's: shows the pageviews generated by our various calls-to-action - directly from widgets, from tray notifications, from Editors' Picks, etc.


  • Total time spent: shows how much time on average your readers spend within Viafoura widgets, site-wide.
  • Total time spent per page: shows this breakdown on average, per page.

For editorial teams and newsrooms, the analytics dashboard can report on the following:

  • Average Comments per article: shows how active/sticky your articles are.
  • Total number of articles with at least one comment: shows how engaged your audience is with your overall content/articles.

For moderator teams:

The analytics dashboard can identify other valuable audience health issues:

  • Top Tags for Messages Flagged: shows how often comments are tagged, and which tags dominate the conversations.
  • Total number of comments Approved and Rejected: shows how healthy the overall status of the conversations is.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of the analytics dashboard .