What Cookies are used by Viafoura?

For your reference, these are the cookies used by Viafoura's integration.

Advanced Cookie Reference

Cookie NamePurposeData UsedDomainLifetime
_vfaPage Visit Tracking- tracking id
- first visit
- previous visit
- current visit
- visit count
Page Domain*1 year
_vfbTracking Returning Visits- page views
- outgoing
- session start
- is recirculation
- landing page
- page description
- page title
Page Domain*30 minutes
_vfzReferral Tracking- referrer start
- ref visit count
- ref
Page Domain*6 minutes
VfSessAuthenticationUser's Identityviafoura.co30 days
VfRefreshAuthenticationUser's Identityviafoura.co365 days
VfAccess<SITE_UUID>AuthenticationUser's Identity
vf_rd_testTesting best domain name (SLD+TLD) to set _vfa and _vfb cookies atNonePage Domain*1 second
vfDeviceId3rd party tracking cookie- Viafoura server generated tracking idviafoura.co365 days
vfThirdpartyCookiesEnabled3rd party tracking cookie- Indicates if browser supports 3rd party cookiesviafoura.cosession

* Page Domain here means, the domain of the page on which the Viafoura Javascript is running.