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My widget is not showing up. What did I miss?

One of the most common issues our clients have during the initial install - is the various Viafoura widgets are not showing up on their pages.

Please follow this quick checklist, to make sure your install is correct:

1. Your site/domain needs to be white-listed

This is part of our onboarding process, but in case you missed a domain, or want to add our widgets to a new domain in your portfolio, please contact us and ask the domain to be white-listed:

2. Container-ID is missing:

Please keep in mind, Container IDs are mandatory to enable our widgets to load
They can be set at the article level, or the widget level and are unique for each article/instance (see below code example)

<vf-conversations vf-container-id="unique-article-id"></vf-conversations>

Please make sure that container-id is present in your embed code.


3. You might be using an ad-blocker

Some aggressive ad-blockers degrade our widget performance. We have been testing various browser ad-blockers, and identified a couple that are simply too strict. They disable most of core widget functionality. If possible, consider using a more flexible ad-blocker, or make an exception for your particular domain.


4. Something else in your site/environment is blocking our widgets

In this case, please submit a support ticket, with as much information about your site/environment/server as you can share - and our team will get back to you right away.

Updated 23 days ago

My widget is not showing up. What did I miss?

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