Editor's Pick & Trusted User

Acknowledge the contributors that help move the conversation forward and build community on your site.

Two ways to accomplish this is with either the Editor’s Pick icon or Trusted User badge.



You must be logged in as a site administrator or moderator to perform these functions.

1. Editor's Pick

An Editor’s Pick is a special designation assigned by a site moderator or administrator to comments they’ve identified as a significant user contribution. An Editor’s Pick badge will appear within the user’s comment, giving the commenter greater exposure, and strengthening their relationship with your community.

2. Trusted User

The Trusted User badge rewards your most active commenters who have engaged your community with meaningful contributions. Trusted users receive the following benefits:

  • They receive an icon that displays beside their name
  • They bypass moderation filters
  • They bypass spam filters

Featured Comments Tab

Please contact Viafoura Support to enable the Featured Comments tab.

Featured Comments tab will display comments (not including comment replies) that have been selected as an "Editor’s Pick" - helping you showcase the best of your community as soon as someone lands on a conversation.

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