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How to retrieve comments of a page using APIs

How to retrieve comments of a page using APIs (for sites running Viafoura V2)

To retrieve the comments of a specific page, you can use the API endpoint Note that if you want to retrieve the comments that are visible to users, you can call the endpoint directly; but if you also want to retrieve the comments that have been rejected/disabled by moderators, you need to be logged in as a moderator or administrator when you make the call.

This endpoint returns a maximum of 100 results per call. If the page contains more than 100 comments, you can use pagination in your calls to retrieve subsequent comments:

  1. Initial call:[siteid]/pages/[pageid]/comments?show=recent&limit=100
  2. Subsequent calls:[siteid]/pages/[pageid]/comments?show=recent&limit=100&after_id=[last-comment-id-in-previous-page]

If you don't know the page ID, you can retrieve it using the endpoint, but using the encoded page path instead of the page ID.

Updated 11 months ago

How to retrieve comments of a page using APIs

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