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Getting Started

Welcome to Viafoura's Documentation Hub!

We will help you build a loyal community that engages with your content with our best-in-class engagement solutions.

Our solutions include real-time conversations, community chat and live blogging. These products have an intuitive user interface as well as robust social features that keep users on your site — all supported by intelligent auto moderation.

Our industry-leading moderation system ensures discussions around your content remain civil and in accordance with your community guidelines. By creating a comfortable environment for individuals to return to, passive viewers will convert to loyal members of your community, boosting return visits, time spent on-site and page views.

The automated moderation system goes beyond just simple word filtering: it can detect highly complex expressions and filter out roughly 85-90% of content that doesn’t adhere to your community guidelines. The additional 10-15% of questionable comments can be reviewed by your moderators, or you can leverage our North American-based moderation team, which operates 24/7.

Viafoura’s automated moderation platform integrates with third-party discussion, live blogging and live chat tools as well.

Our tools will empower you to take back your digital community from third-party sites like Facebook and Twitter by weaving a social fabric right into your own website. With features like custom badges, notifications, news feed, and user/content follow, users are encouraged to become frequent contributors and engage with members across your site.

You can also leverage the first-party data generated on the platform to increase ad revenue. With Viafoura, you own your community.

In this set of documentation, you will find everything you need to get started.

All of Viafoura's audience engagement and analytics tools are powered by a single lightweight javascript file, so the first thing you need to do is to integrate our script into the pages of your site.



This document is intended for Viafoura customers and requires your domains to be whitelisted on our platform. Please contact [email protected] to have your domains activated.

Step 1: Load the Viafoura JavaScript

We recommend including the code below near the end of your body tag.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script type="text/javascript" async src="//"></script>



To ensure that your audience engagement data is correct and complete, we highly recommend loading the Viafoura javascript on every page of your site.



We currently support port 80 for HTTP, and 443 for HTTPS. Please ensure your site is accessible from one of these two ports before installing Viafoura. All API requests are made over HTTPS to limit the potential security risks involved with unencrypted sessions.

Step 2: Install a Viafoura component on the page

Place the code below wherever you want it to be placed on your page.

Example: Viafoura Conversations Tool

The conversations tool allows users to comment on a page.

<div class="viafoura">

See detailed conversations implementation instructions



Please ensure a doctype tag is present at the top of the page or else widgets will not be rendered correctly.

Step 3: Refresh browser

Refresh the page and you should see the tools you have implemented on the page. For example, if you have placed the conversations tool on the page you should see the following:



Our browser support is based on a rolling relative version support system (with exceptions) that is updated each build and automatically ensures backwards compatibility based on a rule set listed below.

More technically: we use a transpiler (Babel) to add polyfills at build time to ensure backwards compatibility in our tools and admin system based on these browsers and version rules:

  • MS Internet Explorer greater than or equal to version 11* for functional support only
  • MS Edge greater than or equal to version 16
  • Google Chrome: last 10 version updates
  • Firefox: last 10 version updates
  • Apple Safari: greater than or equal to version 9
  • iOS default browser: last 5 ios versions
  • Android default browser: Last 5 android versions

We try to ensure that these are functionally consistent across browsers

*IE11 support will be deprecated in the near future

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Getting Started

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